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11:41 AM

Each of us holds inside the map to the Labyrinth

  • Mood: Centered
  • Music: Smoke and Ashes -- Tracy Chapman

Bwahaha....Leap Day. Dunno yet what I'm gonna do with it. Maybe I'll find the table in the living room.  (Probably not but it's a noble aspiration.) Ok, on an unrelated note that VA recording guy is a little creepy.   Yeah, so I just took a spork away from Stitch (and OH! the look I got for it) ...I've no idea where this particular  utensil came from...not sure I want to know but there it was.

I ended up digging through some of my music collection yesterday. The best find was Wither, Blister, Burn and   Peel by Stabbing Westward. Did they ever put out anything else or did Mr. Singer Boy expire from his own   angst? Well, no matter...I need no more music as it is. I bought a bunch of CDs in '97 that weren't as promising  as I'd hoped. The idea is to find them, burn the good stuff and banish the rest from my dust field forever.  Of   course, I've been working on this particular project for several months. No attention span.

Man, it's been so mild here for the last few days I'm thinking in about 2 weeks or so we are going to get   nailed! Ice, snow, hurricanes, bricks, ladybugs, the whole works. Bwah!

I'm thinking fire tonight...and maybe I'll sketch a little before losing the bulk of the day to Theme Park World. I  can hardly wait until I'm sick of that one again. Noctropolis is starting to look attractive, maybe this time I won't  get knifed for being a jerk.

And monkeys will fly out of where?

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