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7:03 PM


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Starting over from scratch basically. It's...disheartening. Nevemind that I still can't do anything with the place but I guess that's on me.


Sick animals, sick me, setbacks blah.

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4:35 AM


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It has been a long time. B is pica, he ate my muse. Whatever was left has been stomped into pulp. About the only words I utter anymore are "NO!!" and "NOW!" I miss my good dog. Rainy left us last summer. 'N barely counts as she's picking up all sorts of messed up habits from B. And while I am the food lady she reminds me often she's not my dog. Art front: it's hard to groove with so few minutes in a row and so much weighing my mind. Furthermore I'm having massive difficulty with left feet. Which is hysterical considering I have two of them. I did "fix" my scanner (funny story) but a quick update usually takes me about an hour and I'm several "quick updates" behind. My organizational system has fallen right apart. (Nevermind that I've backslid to circa November 1999.) Knocked out most of the overhaul awhile back (like what, a year ago? but it's spanning 3 computers and 2 flash drives and a lot of angst.) I've got a couple of things cooking but as for what might post: if I can't say who would? Learning a new to me program. Recent events though have informed me keeping mum is the best course. The important people know how to get ahold of me. Some of the unimportant ones too, but that's what admin controls are all about. I'm still a big VTM:B nerd. As well I played the demo for Kalypso Media's O:ToG yesterday and it's made of awesome. It's no DKII but nothing is DKII. Nothing ever will be. I'm not sure if I want it, especially with no console demo...but fun? Oh my yes. I got burned with the interface changes on DA and DA2. And DKS. (BBT, DDS, PhD, BBL.) Yeah, so...that's all the vague that's fit to print.
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6:11 AM

Wow, massive neglect...

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It started where I was doing most of my work offline for the page...then the work just tapered off.  And now that I'm tentatively ready to do some stuff here and there (there's no new art, mind  but I am trying to kickstart the update and overhaul process) there's something wrong with the interface or something.

I've made a few changes but they're not showing up. It's in the offing. There's stuff to be tried. I'll do what I can.
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1:23 PM

Oh dear...

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Last entry I mentioned some things about LJ that I didn't like. And I've joined an even worse place?

Anybody have any idea what is wrong w/me?

Ok...first Gargoyles gallery reformatted.

Elves has a construction graphic. I totally wimped out. I tried to draw, I did. It did not happen in such a way that I could talk myself into posting. And after this gallery the rest are tiny--even before deletions--so it won't matter.

The about section got a little tweakage. Just a little.

Art? No. The same things are still pending in exactly the same state as last time.

Before I completely run out of steam I need to uhm...eat for one. But before that, futz with the camera and write an email.

Edit: And I've almost forgotten how to blog + can't to save my life get to my traffic report on the site. Durh.

Edit2: Perhaps it wasn't me. New links seem to be boogery.
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7:30 PM

Bloggity blog blog

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Bah. I didn't check for when my last entry was but if it's reflective of any real work I've done on my website it's been more than a year. O.o

Spent the last hour finishing the thumbs and new post doohickeyness for the Gargoyles gallery. Next I'll work on HTML for it. What I really should be doing is some sort of construction graphic. Now...I did one awhile back but it was so bad we're just going to pretend it didn't happen.

Oh, I did put up new art but it's only linked on the news page 'cause seriously if I don't run w/what I'm working on right now I'll get all distracted and lost.

My life is still pretty messy. I've spent the last 2 years exhausted and it's put me in a bad place. I hardly ever draw (though currently I have two things in progress, if that counts.)

Photoshop 7  is not my friend. In fact I hate it. I'll at some point try to figure it out again (or spend some more time trying to figure it out to be more accurate.) I'm back to 5. And that's fine except I can't even begin to do w/it what I used to due to lack of practice and the fact that I don't get along w/my own hardware.

I'm also curious about polymer sculpture, stuff on the way. But not enough stuff to try what I want to try. This is probably a good thing.

In other news...feh, I lost track editing that last sentence. Oh yeah, I've pretty much given up on LJ. I still lurk in a couple of communities (not a member, just a leech) but really my "friends" there have either quit or have quotes around their status. It's a self-centered place, LJ and frankly once I ran out of self-centered momentum I lost interest fast. I still have 5 months on my paid account and maybe things will change between now than then but honestly nobody misses me and I really don't miss anybody. (Ok...that's a lie. I terribly miss 3 people.)

Checked off of the "always wanted" list is an acoustic guitar. I am no rock star and am sans skill of any kind (A,D,E changes and the arpeggiation for the intro of Time is Running Out notwithstanding.)

And even with all that...I still miss my ferrets badly enough it's like a knife in my heart. 'Narii's fun and all but she's no ferret.

And speaking of emo and ridiculous: Why is it that Twilight haters have such a huge problem with the sparkling thing but no issue whatsoever with the fact that a vampire in that universe would willingly repeat high school? (Don't get me wrong, I hate the books and I haven't even read them. The first movie has amused the living hell out of me though. I love you! I hate you! I love you! I can't be with you! I love you! You smell like cookies! Get away from me! I love you!)

Anyway, so earlier as I was converting all the old gargy art it hit me again how everything from 2002-2003 is way better than anything after. I peaked 8 years ago? Seriously?

It's made me both want to draw and want to crawl under a rock and die. A little or a lot, I'm not sure. I *need* to get back into the every day grind but there's just no room for it. There wouldn't be even if I hadn't discovered Bloodlines. (Thanks Georg...I think.) Not that I've played in like a week.

'Course instead of babbling here I could be doing something arty. [doesn't post the crazy mental merry-go-round that ensues from obsessive prioritizing.]

Anwyay, part of my trepidation is from the fact that I know trying to nail down something right now is not going to be what it was and that could very well set me back much further. I've got to kick that idea in the teeth, I know. But finishing things is safe. Coloring things is safe. Looking through things I should've finished or redone is safe. Putting pencil to paper right now is not.

Ok. HTML timez nao.
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8:22 AM


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Didn't have time to post that I finally tossed a new entrance theme out there. Not sure how long it'll hang tho. By the time I got around to it I was pretty much over it. XD

Currently getting Gargoyles ready for its transformation. The Allaidh gallery will be absorbed. Still a crapton of art that needs doing and gets ever-closer to never the longer I wait.
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6:10 AM


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Finished Gaia gallery overhaul a bit ago. Complete w/new art. There are still a couple of related things to do but I've other stuff that takes a crazy amount of priority. O.o;

I'll start working over the next one Tuesday next latest. (Unless you know...my life explodes again--but that's not firmly scheduled until may when H goes in for surgery on his leg.)

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6:59 AM

I forgot

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 New art went up on the 26th in Gaia.

LJ icons page went up a couple of days ago.

This morning I made changes to Fellanora that will eventually *sweat* be reflected in the rest of the site. (And I can't thank my helpers enough. I love you guys. Tons. It's scary, really.)

Twiddled a bit w/news page settings. I'm not there yet but I will be.

All-in-all it's been insane getting this together but I love the way the "new" gallery looks.

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7:56 AM

Big catch-update.

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2 finished pictures + 1 set of graphics for a third. (Weird way to put it but I'm pressed for time.)


And that's pretty much it for now. Still have a lot of tweakage left to do just catching up from the last year or so and then I may just convert the place over to thumbnails. I dunno. This is what I get for hermiting. There are so few ppl to ask now...but those that have answered have been pro-thumbnail.

The real test will be when I get 'round to making all the thumbs and whether or not my momentum carries me through all the required work.

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8:49 AM

15 mins on a Friday.

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Today's sweep involved linking 2 old uploads in the <a href="http://www.artmishap.com/gaia.html">Gaia</a> gallery and sweeping files for the gargoyles gallery. Deleted a bunch, some stuff that was just missed and other stuff I changed my mind about. Made a ginormous list of html fixes that need doing and I still have yet to get that year3 set of pictures linked but that will be next up when I get back to this.

I do not know what happened to my image archive. I know I was keeping it in Angelfire but according to my "filing system" I was setting up for one in artmishap. It is not there. I don't have files or folders or no-theeng.

Today I amuse myself.

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12:04 PM


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Rooting around in the site 'cause it's long overdue. I've had broken links, undeleted things, and unlinked things for-evarh.

Which is about how long this is all going to take me. Nevermind the fact that I still want to set the whole place up somehow differently.

But for the moment I've verified all the files for the fell, gaia and asd galleries so the links that are up do in fact work and the stuff that's not going to be linked is now gone. Gaia html still needs an update...from MARCH! (Though technically only finished xmas eve.) My time is fairly well booked up through Wednesday insofar as I know but I got started dammit. I might be able to manage by hitting this 4-5 minutes at a time. Maybe.

Better this I think than trying to force out a new theme -- yet another thing that desperately needs do-ings.

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7:04 AM


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Super fast link-to-image only update to the Misc. gallery. I'll get to the rest when I get to it. (And this is still from the gallery 3 year update last month--for the record.)
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9:43 PM

And six months later...

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We get a completely phoned-in 3yrs site theme picture thinger. I was in a crunch. I'm still in a crunch. So crunchy I'm not even gonna link it like usual.

I'll get to the rest of the update when I can. O.o

Here's the rundown...my husband broke. A ladder zigged, he zagged and now he's broke. He has another surgery on the 22nd. They're gonna bolt his bones together. OoooOOOooo... I'd enjoy that a lot more if I wasn't so squeamish. I mean how cool is that (given the circumstances? You know, the ones that SUCK!) We're getting by. He's doing a lot better than I am. He has drugs. V_v

In August I got a laptop. About 3 days after my husband broke it broke. (Well it's not broken per se but it needs a lot of work before I can trust it to do anything. That's my lifeline, folks. *twitch*) The day after I got the laptop my camera broke. Kablooey. No more pictures for me. SUCK! (Not as much suck as the broken husband but still, a great deal of suck.

There's been dog drama and cat drama and me drama and drama drama. It's all different colors of stupid around here lately.  I feel fortunate to have been able to not only draw, but "finish" something at all.
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6:20 PM


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*snerk* I had to find out secondhand that today was Easter. THAT is how stupid things are of late. Like spam comment avalanches stupid, even.

There has been a fanart update. Woo? Figured I'd sneak it in since tomorrow I'm-a gonna be workin' on house stuff and will not have time left over for slacking most likely.

We have some repairs that need doing before anything nests where it isn't supposed to. Hooray.
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7:18 PM


2 new to Fell. Not even going to think about the tremendous backlog of photos and jewelry crap and all that. I can barely remember how to update at this point and don't have time to re-teach.

The dog's still devouring my life at an alarming rate. It seems like trying to catch up is a joke especially when even when it's not my turn to take care of her I end up taking care of her.

For all the bodies to trip over around here, I feel very isolated. Invisible.

I'm very tired and cranky.
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7:38 AM

*le sigh*

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Puppy photos.

1 to jewelry. (Blue tears.)

Hoping to change out the map soon but not holding my breath.
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12:53 PM

Still not quite caught up

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But there's some new art to peruse in this section and this section.

Still TBU: photos, puppy photos and jewelry. *thud* 'NOther new entrance theme in the works 'cause I don't want to revert to the last one. Geh.
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8:39 AM

Still crunched on time

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But there's a new batch of puppy photos.
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7:48 AM

Creativity and productivity are on hold

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See 'cause I got another dog.  Dog is sick currently. Bleh.  Did a partial update to the website today involving puppy pictures. She gets her own page.

I'll get to everything else when I find time.
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10:59 AM

Happy 2nd Bday Artmishap

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Celebrated with an unseen till now sketch. If anybody sees my mojo, send it home hmm?

Switched a few things around as well, moved the old map and its corresponding LJ icon to the picture page. One big happy. No?

My site needs so much work.

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