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11:24 AM

Random thought and query physics

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So I feel somewhat better and this is largely due to the efforts of Agent, Doggie, and Fuzzy...maybe Fuzzy  most of all 'cause he knows exactly how to poke my ego. *chuckles*  It didn't hurt that yesterday was a good  art day overall--productive. Yesterday got a LOT worse before it got better...but I'm trying not to think on that.  Today's still in the staging area but I heard from the Sy-guy and that's worth  points...plus I have some interesting reading to get to and that's worth just as many points.

So I'm catching up on emails and my brain is multi-tasking. Good coffee/answer-humor/random thought. It's a  wonder I'm sane really but here it is:

Why is it that generally speaking we'll buy books without knowing much if anything about them--and I don't just  mean here and there but all the time. However, with movies it's a whole 'nother ballgame. Gotta hear the  review, catch it on the premium channel, rent, pester your friends, rent again and then just maybe make the  purchase. With PVTs and the hardcover vs. paper issue we're talking the same $ range here. How many movies  will one watch a second time...quite a few. But books? Eventually you accumulate enough that there's no way  all of them will get a second showing and with the used bookstores being choked out and yard sales becoming  more and more like russian roulette...well, you see where I'm going. Is it a time issue? Hardware? What makes  this process work the way it does? Maybe movie packaging is coated with some special weird-inducing compound  absorbed through the skin.

These are the sorts of things that bother me from time to time. I could probably devote pages to wondering  what sort of chemical imbalance makes me stress on this crap--especially as opposed to other crap. Goodness  knows I have more productive crap to think about. Speaking of which, I really should tweak the  artsite a little. I got lazy yesterday and only did a partial update. Who is surprised? *crickets*
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