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8:05 AM

Oh the humanity...

  • Mood: Full of spite
  • Music: Timekiller -- Project Pitchfork
Yeah, so yesterday was Friday, oops. It had no right, I lost much of the day at the optometrist which wasn't supposed to happen until March something so I'm a little ticked. I require much mental preparation time for that blasted air puff test deal. It hardly even matters that I got to take my skull pants for a walk...but at least it's over and I managed to stay off of soda. I really wanted one of those tiny little clipboards though. Now I'm free to grouse at the place for taking "forever" to get those glasses finished.

Sadly however, I'm still pretty wired from the experience...even after all the Theme Park World therapy. I want  that fifth key, dammit. It absolutely kills me that I haven't been into all the parks yet. Hey...it takes my  demented little focus off of other ppl.

I need to grab the clipboard, throw random animation into the changer and become part of the flooring for  awhile. That's not likely to happen but it's a fun thought, no? Maybe today's project should be finding  permanent-until-we-move homes for all of my big, ugly lamps. At the moment they're doubling as hat stands.  (This is funny if you've ever seen the lamps, doubly so if you've ever seen the hats.) 
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