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10:00 AM

5:30 in the morning...

  • Mood: Tired
  • Music: Cartouche -- Blackmore's Night

is too early to get up ok?

So yeah, the fabulous coat...far less than fabulous. Barely what was advertised. Wave goodbye to the coat. If I could send it back in flames and still get a refund don't think for a moment that I wouldn't! On the upside a replacement is being made and it's far cooler than the original promised to be (or will once it's dyed black.)

Still in a huge art slump. Whee.  I'm way too far behind with stuff to be doing this now.  As to why I woke up as early as I did...it's a complete mystery. No freakish dreams, no barking dogs, no elbow to the chest or anything like that. Just poof. Awake. 45 minutes of trying to pass out again to no avail. Fooo, come about 2 in the afternoon I'm gonna be a raving psychopath. (Like this is news.)

Had an interesting game of lime toss with the dogs the other day. Exactly like it sounds. I was chucking limes toward the back of the fence and Mia kept bringing them back. Even when she pierced the peel and got a mouthful of lime juice. Diligent dog. She'd have to drop it every foot or so but she got it to me. And then the other dog couldn't be left out. She kept stealing them and gnawing on them.  My dogs have problems.  (And it's stupefying what kind of facial expressions they can manage w/a mouthful of lime.)

I know I've got something else to complain about but I'm so sleep deprived it keeps falling into the dark, scary parts of my brain. Ahwell, perhaps later.

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