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9:56 AM

Dangerously close to productivity

  • Mood: Rant-Armed and primed to fire
  • Music: Lies -- Evanescence
That dog's here again...you know the one.   So I've been in a flurry of semi-productivity, which technically hasn't gotten me far but I'm leaps and bounds ahead of myself in my current phase.

Fellanora and Ariah -- colored.
Required reading -- 1/5 of the way in.
Blood Canticle -- exactly where I left off two weeks ago.
Moving status -- three more boxes ahead and I'm starting to "need" stuff that's already buried.
Pounds -- seven.
Lost sketches -- at least 4.

But that's plenty enough for you!  Meanwhile I'm dangerously close to AF's mortality date and still getting mail that I tried to fix on the first day. I'm on the verge of my third complaint letter...but three has always been a good number for me. And don't weedle or anything but I think I might hop on over to TC's webshell and maybe get the last 3 pictures put in their rightful places. Wouldn't that be a scream?  I spent a day in AW's Top10 club over my recolor of One Tear...which I was certain was a mistake. It sorta was. Apparently that wasn't a good day for anime.   (I probably rattled about this already.) Default still counts I suppose. I'd actually managed to get over it but F&A got a 10 and we all know how I feel about 10s. I swear, there's not an image pointed out to me in the last few days via AWAWatch that isn't 10s most if not all the way across the board.

Wanna know why, kids?  No, no...this isn't the sheep argument again. Two words: requestable reports.   Three more (5...6--it's early for math?) = Average AW Artist  = Backstage Mom. 

In the not-too-distant past a ratings system and Top 10 was established. A sizeable # of community members started to freak because they weren't getting the attention they felt they deserved. Damned fine artists for the most part, truly mind-blowing in terms of skill. Tweaks were made. Then as soon as the Top10 started getting static, the low-raters appeared. The same folks that were complaining about being lost in the shuffle pretty much went up in flames over undeserved votes -- and many of them were, but if I had a dollar for every person that said "All my stuff deserves 10s" I'd have my house by now. Ratings system was yoinked, re-wired and re-instated. Except now you can request a breakdown that includes names (unless they've changed it since I gave up on the boards.) The result: very high scores EVERYWHERE. Can anyone say: Whose Line is it Anyway?  Nice people rock. Insincere people make happy bunny go bald. Disillusioned people make kittens explode. (One wonders what sort of traffic that last statement will bring in.)

So anyway, this morning wasn't truly meant for ranting so I won't start. (No...I haven't started yet.) Ranting makes me tired and I'm determined to at least do some of the website today. Summer overhaul is coming so I really need to get crackin'.   I think the bulk of my mood has to do w/checking the progress of Coming Attractions yesterday. I will NOT go there right now.

Bwahaha, stuff to do!
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