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10:03 AM

Another late update

  • Mood: bland

More Gaia art (IF again) and a fair amount of jewelry.

My camera is bitchy so in terms of jewelry it's nowhere near a full update. (And yet, 3 sessions worth of pictures and counting. ) Been too bummed to really attack any given project.

RotA glitched out on me again (for those keeping score) so I went on to M:UA. I don't like it much. There's just not a lot to do. However, I think once I finish messing with it I'll go back to RotA and try starting over--hopefully I can do that without having to backtrack 20 levels. *is determined to max out if it kills me* Of course I'm talking about these games like I've bothered to play them lately. Mostly I'm just logging a lot of movie hours and amusing myself with whatever minigames are available from site to site.

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