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11:53 PM

A Total Blast

  • Mood: Wiped Out
  • Music: Johnny Jump Up -- Wild Mountain Thyme
Just under the wire here. Sy and Demmy both came out (HOORAY!) and I had an insane amount of fun despite having to chase the dog around the yard in my coolest-jammies-in-the-world jammies and handling icy, wet chain with the added chaos of Addie.

After it was all over I had to veg out for awhile. I finished By the Light of the Moon which was such a collossal POS that I immediately jumped into Tabitha King's Small World not realizing at first that though it appears to be light reading, it's in print for the blind. x.x Whoop.  Started a little coloring exercise, have something to go in my guest gallery when I get to it and am just all in all in a good mood except feeling bad 'cause Addie's throwing a fit.

Mew! *tired*
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