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11:16 AM


  • Mood: Weary
  • Music: Brains -- Voltaire
I'm toast w/jelly about now. I stayed up wayyyy too late working on the avatar pic. It's done now but being the collossal dufus that I am, I tried to upload the wrong pics a bit ago so the update will have to wait while my bandwidth recovers. There's SO much I want to yammer about regarding said work but I promised myself I wouldn't. (It's driving me a little crazy.)

Finished Intensity yesterday and tried to finish Peter S. Beagle's A Fine and Private Place but I could only take about sixty pages before I had to get away from it. It's not that it's bad...it just rambles more than I do. We know it's really not going to go anywhere, being set in a graveyard and all but still... I managed to do something else yesterday but at this hour I can't to save my life remember what it was. Only that it was important at the time.

Anyway, update pending today or tomorrow depending on how my paws feel. I should track down my brace. Fell and Ariah still needs to be blocked and shaded. The dogs need to be solidly thumped. Eh, just one of them really.  And Hawk's "date" stood him up yesterday so I was stuck w/him. In other news I've found a way to condense about a year and a half of Rowan's time. I'm just not sure I want to do it yet. It would tie up some loose ends rather nicely. Unfortunately it would also get me all the way through my pre-written stuff and I'd have to *gasp* think of new stuff. Thinking's a little painful right now.

Yarpyarpyarp. *off to figure out what to do with the rest of the hour*
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