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10:29 AM

Fire good

  • Mood: Chilly
  • Music: My Immortal -- Evanescence
Yesterday turned into fire day. Neighbors, hoodlums, cops, security officers, hoagies, cheesecake...the whole nine yards. It was insane. I should have known when the first official event of the day was one of the college students' dogs showing up for a visit first thing in the morning. I told him he was going to get into trouble but he didn't listen. So the guy came down to get him and they started to go back home, then the dog tried to jump over the fence into our yard.   My dogs freaked, it was funny.    Poor guy. They left him on a chain in the backyard all day yesterday in the rain.  Then shortly afterward a kind of ferret free-for-all happened. All three of them flaked at once. Baron tried to flying tackle me from the edge of the bathtub. Ferrets are not very aerodynamic.

Didn't really get much else accomplished. Little art here and there, but that's about it. At current I'm waiting for a scheduled visit from a neighbor dog. Puppy sitting again. They're running late.  That or they tried to drop by and I wasn't up yet. My alarm somehow got turned off. I woke up on time but I wasn't hearing the alarm so I just dozed and waited. I should have known. Meh.

It's all cold outside today so I'm not sure how the day's gonna go. It's been beautiful the last couple of days but it stormed like mad last night. I'm surprised there are no tree leavings in the yard. Well...with the dog coming over (duh) I doubt I'll get anything done today either unless I hide in one of the rooms. It's entirely possible.
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