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10:30 AM

Something like progress

  • Mood: anticipating the next odd thing
  • Music: Blue on Black -- Kenny Wayne Shepherd

New art went up today. The much talked about "Urban"...not really worth the hype but it's up. Woot.

I also got the placeholder for the pg-13/adult/mature gallery up. I still haven't decided how to handle that but eh, at least there's something in place now. *feedback appreciated*

Hopefully next is something of a Marilyn Monroe or mermaid bent and a picture of the new kitties. The adventures are already begun. This morning I found many things no longer in the places I put them and just recently as I walked through the living room Leo reached out and snagged my slipper, sending me sprawling. Life with cats. Heh.

5 full days until the next party. (Insofar as I know.)

Robin gaveded me Something Wicked This Way Comes. YEEEEEE! I've been chasing that book for years. There's also some books on CD whose titles I forgot already.

I must be wicked.

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