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8:35 AM

Just another day

  • Mood: Not as bad as you'd think
  • Music: I'm the Only One -- Melissa Ethridge

I survived Freaky Tuesday.

I survived a neighbor wondering if I was "getting my goth going for Halloween" and issuing a pagan challenge. (Your guess is as good as mine.) Apparently the first comment had something to do with the two separate dye jobs my head has going on at the moment. WTF-ever. We must try to love the blissfully unaware.

I have logged a good 4 hours trying to fix Urban in the vain hope that it will be print-worthy this summer. It don't look good. And this is the one I'm coloring in honor of Robin so I'm particularly devastated by its refusal to behave.

The website still needs an insane amount of work but I'm kinda stuck in the current plot thing for Neopets. It compels me to waste massive amounts of time messing with it. I'm frightened by how many times I've mapped the part I'm on and how different it is every time. I'm really not that bad at that sort of thing. I'm usually pretty successful.

I started a little Rowan sketch at the gas station the other night. I don't know why it's still in my bag. Maybe 'cause I'm generally angry at my art right now. No amount of anger in the world is going to fix it and yet I keep wasting my time.

And I'm still hoping for a Halloween update but as it's already the 21st...

The biggest remedy to my issues might involve getting the lessons books out again. But there's the packing and the cleaning and the lazing...

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