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10:52 AM

New fascination for the Stitch

  • Mood: Irked
  • Music: I'll Tell My Ma -- Tullamore

I have a pair of green wool argyles...he's MESMERIZED by them. He does the ubersniff and the licklickclick. I just don't get it. I thought maybe last time I'd spilled coffee and stepped in it but that's not it 'cause they're superclean and he's still trying to figure them out. That's my boy. The weirdo. XD

New art went up today. I planned a big update but got derailed not too far into it so it's backburnered. Note to self: Figure out WTF causes the neverending new page glitch thinger. Most all else is coloring and sketching and just trying to come up with something. I built all the damn theme parks. Now what?

Not something useful! Anything but that!

(I really really really really really want to dye my hair today. )

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