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4:35 AM


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It has been a long time. B is pica, he ate my muse. Whatever was left has been stomped into pulp. About the only words I utter anymore are "NO!!" and "NOW!" I miss my good dog. Rainy left us last summer. 'N barely counts as she's picking up all sorts of messed up habits from B. And while I am the food lady she reminds me often she's not my dog. Art front: it's hard to groove with so few minutes in a row and so much weighing my mind. Furthermore I'm having massive difficulty with left feet. Which is hysterical considering I have two of them. I did "fix" my scanner (funny story) but a quick update usually takes me about an hour and I'm several "quick updates" behind. My organizational system has fallen right apart. (Nevermind that I've backslid to circa November 1999.) Knocked out most of the overhaul awhile back (like what, a year ago? but it's spanning 3 computers and 2 flash drives and a lot of angst.) I've got a couple of things cooking but as for what might post: if I can't say who would? Learning a new to me program. Recent events though have informed me keeping mum is the best course. The important people know how to get ahold of me. Some of the unimportant ones too, but that's what admin controls are all about. I'm still a big VTM:B nerd. As well I played the demo for Kalypso Media's O:ToG yesterday and it's made of awesome. It's no DKII but nothing is DKII. Nothing ever will be. I'm not sure if I want it, especially with no console demo...but fun? Oh my yes. I got burned with the interface changes on DA and DA2. And DKS. (BBT, DDS, PhD, BBL.) Yeah, so...that's all the vague that's fit to print.
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