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9:49 AM

Joker on Jack

  • Mood: Sarcastic-Silly
  • Music: My Nutmeg Fantasy -- Macy Gray
Nothing to do about anything really.  I think I spent too long in Photoshop yesterday w/o a break. My fingers are weird today. Joy...I get to go back to the brace & the meds. I'm so happy.

Stitch is still doing what Stitch does. He's only gotta make it three more days w/o really screwing up. Well, 3  more nights I guess I should say. They tell us how cute he's been and I guess he resents it 'cause then he turns  around and shows us just how high his badness level is. Blarg.

If I can get the numbness out of my fingers I should be able to finish the Photoshop thing. Unfortunately it's not  the between-project I had in mind. That one's still half sketched and needs to be transferred before I can  move on. I'd do that now but the squeasels are holding the studio hostage. Precariously balanced boxes are  bad for everyone's health. Right now I'd rather be getting out the giant grid paper and working on King of the  Cage. That'll probably tank miserably. I've never worked on anything bigger than about 11" x 14" and I think  four of those could fit on that gridpad. Squeasels are holding both rooms I need for that hostage too...and of  course I never think about it when they're asleep or I'm not on my way out the door.  Now that I think about it,  I'm not entirely certain that pad will go up the stairs.   
One more thing on the list of reasons why I'm ready to move. Stairs in a tight spiral that make it impossible to  furnish the room they lead to w/o getting involved in light-to-moderate carpentry and creative use of netting. I  think we're the only place in this bank of houses w/one of those. It's like they got to our house and went "I'm  feeling creative (Read: spiteful)" They made an interesting cat toy while we had cats. Heh. *snerk* Time to go  wonder what color of kitten we'll get and what awful moniker I'll stick it with.
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