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9:34 AM

My eyes! My retinas!

  • Mood: under the weight of the world
  • Music: 2 A.M. -- Anna Nalick

I have added another three hours to my ongoing search for a new artsite home. I have spent those three hours reading fine print (TOSes.) I have determined that my favorite layout for these TOSes is the single, huge, eye-leeching paragraph--most especially if they can make it one run-on sentence. I like that a lot.

For those that don't know I'm currently: here. Granted, that's almost a storage situation but newish art may go there at such time as I produce some newish art--most especially if newish art production exceeds the limited number of new posts to my Artwanted portfolio (see link somewhere on this page--see also the Side7 link.)

See what happens when I read TOSes for three hours? One of us, one of us. It's very Borgine. Very phalanx. Speaking of which...Marvel doesn't really need to get themselves sued again. *disappointed* Oi.

Am I ready for the Gathering? No.

Am I ready for Comic Con? No. (Though maybe slightly readier than the above. I still have the finishing bug.)

I'm in a word: Bummed. And I'll need to be ready earlier than originally anticipated due to the Council Bluffs Ren-Fest road trip in June. Calgon, take me awaaaaay!

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