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9:27 AM

A handful of days

  • Mood: Oh Look! A Chicken!
  • Music: When You're Good to Mama -- Chicago Sndtrk
Mrgh...my brain is emptier than usual this morning. No new developments on Stitch, nothing earth-shaking to  report from the fire session, V came over but he didn't stay long.  It's taken me about 15 minutes to get this far.  *L* Someone's dancing on the remote to my brain and random things are coming up for brief consideration.  Song lyrics, my wardrobe, scenes from last night's Kingdom Hospital, yesterday's Elf Only Inn,  old Flem comics, an inventory of ferret toys...and I keep coming back to what I might do to further pare down  the artsite. I still have a couple of months to think about that one tho. 

One of the two pictures is actually to a point where I usually take it to Photoshop and deface it for several  hours. I'm gonna keep messing with it tho. The other one may have gotten buried under a pile of books and  other such things. I need to find it...the month is slippin' away. Now there's a song I wish I was listening to right  now.

Anywhoo, I got up early-ish so now might be a good time to try and get a few things done. Good things. Interesting things. Things that lead to other things and yet leave something to show for effort.
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