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9:56 AM


  • Mood: Exhausted
  • Music: All That Jazz -- Chicago Sndtrk
Had company yesterday, kindof a big pity party *L* but there's nothing wrong in that. Mia and Rain had  somebody to play w/and so did we. I think today we're supposed to go to the park or something after we visit  Stitch. Things look really good there. His doctor actually called us during the dinner hour last night to let us know  he was ok and "running around fine" and all that. Stitch wasn't lonely...and it sounds like he's definitely  going to come home at the end of the quarantine.
And I never even had my major breakdown. Unless moving three rooms of furniture counts. *shrugs*  At least  some of the stuff that had to get done this weekend got done. And I decapitated no-one...though it was close  about three times over the course of an hour in there. Very close.

Theme Park World has been all but forgotten in the excitement. As has my between-requests inspiration. My  ideas have a very short shelf life most of the time. I probably stress too much about 'em. I'd still like to do the  picture I had in mind but I just don't know if it'll happen now...let alone 30 things between today and the  summer overhaul. I really miss that time before my hands got bad that I could pound out something semi-decent  in no time. Wah, right? *snicker*  I'll figure this out eventually. As for now, the day's about to start  w/o me. I'm half-tempted to just let it.

Oh yeah...responsibilities. Mrrrh.
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