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10:37 AM

Trance Dance

  • Mood: Almost focused
  • Music: Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend -- Marilyn Monroe
Some folks have an amazing amount of nerve. Pretty much all I have to say about that until things develop (and  knowing this neighborhood, things will develop.)

So, other than a visit from the bad energy fairy yesterday went pretty well. No one was decapitated at least.  That's always a bonus. I spent too much time writing and completely spaced off everything else I promised  myself I'd do. Heh. I think I'm the Empress of Five more minutes and I'll move on to the next thing. Barring a  nap, this has gone on about 23 hours. *chuckles*  I think my biggest problem with running on something else is  that I've yet to talk to Jacks about the project I finished and I get really squinky right after finishing a request.  No... more than usual.

Got majorly sidetracked by Trapped last night. And let me say that Hawk got too big of a kick out of Kevin Bacon  getting clocked with a tire iron...or whatever that was. I made the mistake of writing something down at  that point and missed the crucial moment. But the man was full of glee. *snicker* Too much. Interesting enough  movie, plot-holes you could drive a train through tho. All I could think about was who are these people who  know exactly all the sneaky things to do during a kidnapping? Mr. Extreme Sports, his lovely wife and terminally  asthmatic daughter... I'd probably enjoy more things if I wasn't always running commentary.

I'll grant that they were probably supposed to be written as on-the-edge clever but it played as too overblown  to be much but distracting. *shrugs*

In other news, the rivers and waterfall have reduced to streaks and puddle but I'm under the impression more rain is on the way. Whatever's going on it's brought the spiders out en masse. Blarggh! Pretty things  but I just don't want them near me.
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