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11:08 AM

Kicky fashion colors

  • Mood: Inane
  • Music: Cemetery Gates -- Pantera
Copper, silver and black...and that's all I have to say about that. All different colors of fun yesterday. I  managed to squelch the urge to hop up on a counter and throw things like a rampant chimpanzee. Wasn't  mad...just feeling monkeylike. Took care of that later. Ran through Old Time Pottery like an orangutan.   Yesterday was not a good day for drivers or possibly otherwise happy people. Two wrecks during our short  foray into the world and we were personally nearly involved in one on the Plaza. (LOVE that Plaza...pfft.) Guy  like totally cut us and this other guy off. In a hurry I guess. I'm not sure what his passenger was doing while  Hawk leaned on the horn like a support system but I think it was the wave. *blink* *L* But by the time we  caught up with them they wouldn't make eye contact...which I count as a good thing. Hawk hates traffic. He's  Mr. Road Rage except in parking lots where he's Mr. Manners. I find it baffling...yet conducive to  amusement...much like tiger-striped, pig-shaped piggy banks. So between Wave lady and Cranky Stalker lady  yesterday was reasonably adventurous. I'm not sure what was up with Cranky lady but we waved her ahead in  the grocery store parking lot and she was all different colors of glare and scowl... and utterly unshakeable in the  store. Never spoke, never made eye contact...and yet right there for the bulk of our shopping excursion.

And that's just my first day w/the new face adornment.

Heh. Other point of note, found another comic to be hooked on. And my darkside being what it is, I got Hawk hooked on it and webcomics in general. Bwahaha!


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