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10:06 AM

A demon holds my place on earth till I die

  • Mood: Rabid
  • Music: Furnace Room Lullabye -- Neko Case
I found half of my table...in theory. Truthfully it was more like a quarter plus a great and mighty shearing of the  top layer.  I did not Theme Park. Someone decided to leave CivIII up. Mrrrh. I did however write until my little  paw fell off and laugh mercilessly at Rain who wiped out trying to race up the stairs (and almost ended up in the  basement.)

So yeah, I was talking with a friend about Bebop the other night and he said his fav ep is 5. (Ballad of Fallen  Angels) This episode is not in my memory banks. *blinkblink* Well, was. It aired last night. Apparently I'd seen  absolutely everything except what was described to me a few nights previous.   I suppose it proves that I  need a version of AS that's more like CC's old SAST. Everything I missed came back in later episodes of course  but it was nicely executed in its original form. Apparently Hawk liked it too...he snuck off to order the series  during end credits. I'd throw a fit but this means I won't have to sit through the rest of the programming  schedule. I like that.  I could go by way of the fanart angle too but that's a curse waiting to happen.

So Hawk's just shy of ecstatic but what would make me most happy isn't released yet and at the rate they're  going isn't likely to be. Who do I have to maul to get at least seasons 2 and 3 of X-Men: Evolution on my  shelves? I'm thoroughly ready! It isn't much to ask, really. I mean if I got over what they did to the storyline  certainly they can put it in a form I can get my grubby little mitts upon.

Yeah, so my glasses are ready...I should find something offensive to leave the house in.
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