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10:55 AM


  • Mood: Plaid
  • Music: Oogie Boogie's Song -- TNBC sndtrk
Not ready to be awake yet. Actually by now I am but I coulda used another pass by the snooze bar. I was  squished out of bed. *mutter, grumble, grump, snarl* (Still chapped about it too.) It's just as well I guess. I  remember dreaming about my grandmother's house (and exclaiming 'Goddess how I miss this place' somewhere  in there). At any rate Deebie was throwing things at it from the top of a screaming neon blue pickup truck. *L*  Later on after the dreams got all muddy and tangled with brief glimpses of the alarm I was having This is  Halloween repeating over and over in my head. That happens sometimes--very insistent music. I'm usually stuck  w/it until I listen to it. This is particularly annoying when it's something not in my collection. Luckily I got the  Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack for X-Mas so I don't have to fuss with the movie. If I watch it now what  will I do for entertainment around October 10th?

Moving on...

The statement I've decided to make today is camouflage and tie-dye. *adds laundry to the to-do list* I finished  that thing for Jacks, I'll have to get it posted next. I'm less proud of myself than I thought I'd be, it started  much better than it finished...but I'll worry about it after I've heard what J has to say. I've also nailed down my  other project. Hopefully that works out because it makes me laugh already.

The optics people have no idea when my glasses will be done. Why am I surprised? The ferrets in their own  squinky little way are telling me not to stress it. Guess I won't.   I've done worse than take advice from  the squeasels. Really, their utopia is made up of cardboard boxes, squeaky soccer balls and chicken treats.  Whomever completes the most tackles in the shortest span of time is King. Wiffle balls are made for dancing.  Happiness is (for Jendax) a new texture to roll on. Today we're in a flannel mood. It doesn't get much better  than that. The only improvement would be having their own kitty to play with. *chuckles* Sadly we've got  two too many dogs to deal with a cat right now. (SO over dogs am I.)

Pretty good note to end on...time to update.

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