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11:34 AM

Spiders: 0

  • Mood: Jazzeh!
  • Music: Fever -- Peggy Lee
Didn't see spider one yesterday. Lucky for the spiders...and for me too I suppose. I don't like 'em when they're sneaky. I did get more than my fair share of poisonous dust and am paying for it today. *hork, snark* I also got glared at for making an observation. Oops. Ahwell, it wasn't one of those mortal glares. The most recent dream had something to do with an underwater complex and rampant pirates. Pirates are always welcome. They weren't feeling chatty though, nor were they taking on new recruits. I did have my fire (I built it a little big, but at least I worked it in. *L*) The birdcage that's dominating one of our rooms is now mostly cleaned out so I should eventually be able to dismantle it. See...several years ago we got a bird and built him this great big house to live in...so big in fact it won't fit through the door. Guess the bird was lucky we didn't build it outside. *snicker* He was of a tropical sort of temperament. Anyway, the cage turned into a catch-all for miscellaneous junk. There's a broken CD player and a plaster wolf living inside right now among other things. I gotta do something w/both. But I gotta do a lot of things about a lot of things and I have the attention span of a tumbleweed. Stitch had a bad day yesterday. He kept getting close enough to taste freedom then yanked back into the world of the oppressed. Serves him right the vicious little monster. It should be against the law to be so cute and so vile of temperament at the same time. (Stitch is a ferret, by the way.) At least he doesn't bite faces. *shudder* Still, I wanna shake him like a holiday package some days. *would not do that* Yesterday was one of them. He bailed on me while I was taking the other two to the play area and then when they managed to get into one of the other rooms he wouldn't come out. One of these mornings I'll block off the big part of the house and let them run rampant again. I guess ferrets get Spring fever just like everybody else. Random bit of weirdness: Watching AS and was reminded of one of my all-time favorite movies...and of course that got me to thinking about the others that have been in that slot. They all begin with the letter P. Two of the three featured Keanu Reeves. Frankly I'm a little spooked. I bet there's a quiz somewhere that would tell me why things are the way they are there. At least my current all-time fave will be hard to oust. X2 didn't do it. Entirely enough for today. The rest of the world awaits. Gee I hope they're all holding their breath.
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