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11:06 AM


  • Mood: Unfocused and prone to short bouts of poetry
  • Music: The Only Time -- NIN
Had a weird dream about two of my former best friends, one from gradeschool and one from highschool. Dreams always seem pretty silly when spoken aloud so I'll skip most of the details. The setting was gothic and I think we were going on a walking tour of haunted places--at least we passed and discussed quite a few. I never got a good look at the guys that were running with us. If I thought about it awhile I might remember who they were but pleh...why? (It was probably Mark and Dave anyway) *snickers* We were all dressed in gothic camouflage and neither of the girls brought their kids so why mess with a good thing? Honestly! I'm half tempted to draw the cover of the book I was carrying but knowing me I won't. Big ol' elephant-gray hardback thing...anyway. Saw my first robin of the season just a few minutes ago...poor thing's probably just confused, we've had about 8 false Springs since October. Tonight's going to be a good night for a fire if I manage to pound out today's to-do. Yesterday's didn't go so well. Theme Park World rules my life. I did get further along on the Fuzzy request #1 though I didn't actually finish. Still completely lost as to what to do between requests. Something will come up, it always does. My glasses are supposed to be done between today and Monday. I wonder if that'll be the case. Don't have much faith in the company; bastages to a one...I let them talk me into contacts several years ago and never got them. Long story and full of expletives. Anyway... The cold, wet, dog nose jabbing into my ribs is probably an indication I should begin the day. Seems I'm less a companion than a convenience.
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