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9:45 AM

Already craving Rammstein

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  • Music: Night Train -- Guns 'n' Roses
...or Disturbed but for the moment it's still the same random sampling of basically fluffy stuff I've been listening to for days now. My husband's promised to leave the house today so perhaps I'll bring out the crunchy music then. At that point I'll probably be over it but for now it's a promising thought.

The coffee is...gossamer today.

I'm hoping to finish the first of Jacks's requests today but it's also a spider-hunting day so I'm not feeling inclined  to hold my breath. Plus, there's that painting of Storm that's been sitting idle for a month and more and  I need to pin down what I'll do between requests. There are really too many options to list and none of them are  shiny enough to grab my full attention.

Actually what sounds most fun is picking out a scary outfit for next week. The plan is to meet some people I'm  supposed to have already met but have no memory of and therefore couldn't have met. I'm maintaining that I'm  right. Currently the ferrets are holding my clothes hostage so I've no idea what I'm gonna do until they pass  out.

'Bout due for another neighborhood crisis of some sort.
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