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8:59 AM

It's been awhile

  • Mood: 5 miles of personal space
  • Music: I Think I Love You -- David Cassidy

Time to catch up with myself I guess. This was the first morning in awhile where I haven't had to deal with a squirming, slobbering, wriggling ball of spoiled-rotten fur. W00T! I'm sure we're both happy things are back to normal (ish.) Now if I could just find a home to send one of my other dogs to.

Nothing new on the art front and the house is 98% likely a no-go. Somebody came in with an at-cost bid and we haven't heard anything since. Meh. There was a chance that something would get tangled up there and we'd have another shot at it but the phone hasn't jingled so there you go.

Mainly I've been catching up on my reading (well, for all appearances anyway) and nudging the packing process along here and there. It's not easy. There's a big cloud of despair hanging over the whole fiasco. There are several things I'd like to rewind and rewrite...unfortunately that's not within my scope of superabilities at the moment. Myeh.

November's not been a good month as yet for anybody that I know. I think I'll cancel it along with February.

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