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12:07 PM

Wrong to the point of pain...

  • Mood: Helpless
  • Music: Calling All Angels -- Train
Seems like everybody's getting muscled through their lives of late. And I'm a fool for thinking the situation would  diffuse. I'm a fool for a lot of things. Normally foolishness amuses me...especially my own. It's still grey out  there...and the power of positive thinking has failed me in the moment. But there are battles and there are wars  and I guess all that's left is to see if I can muster up a fresh supply. I have the feeling I'm gonna need it.

Abuse is a trap that snares everybody in a truly scary radius. It's hard to pin down the scariest of the scary and  it's a tragedy how survivors forget certain key points.

On the bright side it looks like nothing will ever be able to take vague away from me.
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