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10:14 AM

Another day...but not.

  • Mood: Unstrung --
  • Music: Down in It -- NIN
So I get myself all wrapped up in something I really would rather not have. Nothing truly earth-shattering but  there are cracks in the mortar of my pocket universe and it bums me out. Heel on my forehead, jaded on my  heart, misery on my mind. And of course there's no undo button, no alterations, nothing I can do. Theme Park  therapy didn't help, Rowan has nightmares and my sketch is sad. I sleep on it because tomorrow is new.  I see  what Netscape has to say and it tells me the following:

The glass is half-empty. The emperor is naked.

Uh-huh...turns out it was just an eight hour intermission. I don't even want to know what's going to happen  once my coffee has been consumed. I give this state about four days before it shifts but it won't matter much  because I've imprinted it on my mental canvas of collossal -ups. But hey, if nothing else I still have  the ability to be vague and that counts for something, doesn't it?

Life and Art being what they are, it's a grey day. 

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