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9:19 AM


  • Mood: Clear
  • Music: Cell Block Tango -- Chicago Sndtrk
I'm in the filler hours between "Submit" and Real Folk Blues Pt. II, how exciting. Only got up to a 2 spider count  yesterday. They may have all gone to the beach to enjoy the weather...the weather of which there's no trace  now.

Really I'm just avoiding the whole art thing. I'm trapped between things I need to finish and junk I want to start. It's an ugly, ugly place and I know it well. So for the moment I'll just babble about Cowboy Bebop ...didn't get  hooked on it until I saw the very last episode. I do that. I read sequential fiction from the middle outwards in  both directions most of the time. Anywhoo, before seeing the finale I'd sit through about five minutes and if Ed  didn't show I was off on something else. Honestly I'm not entirely fond of being hooked on this thing but there  are worse things. Can't think of anything at the moment but I'm sure there's something worse out there. 

I may be forced to go find it now. That, or re-organize my DVD collection according to HOT rating of the leading man.
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