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8:04 AM

The Vampire Effect

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  • Music: Calling all Angels -- Train
The best-laid plans... heh. Took the dogs monster-mudding at one of the campus libraries, fought w/the person  who's supposed to be on my side in all things...about glasses, no less. I can't say much, I'm on nobody's side.  Still, depressing. Felt so ill I had to go to bed early. Now I remember why I abandoned the old specs. Headaches  that make migraines look tame.

However, gratuitous vampire-ness did make it into my life yester-eve. I lurch back into the living part of the  house like a zombie on downers just in time to catch The Vampire Effect . The Hong Kong special effects folks  are always working overtime and I love 'em for it, I really do. I miss the days of really hokey, highly entertaining  films. I'm a B-movie or less junkie! This thing was outta control. Like Blade meets Razorblade Smile meets  Crouching Tiger. I'm sure there's another factor to the mutt but I've lost so many titles over the years there's no  point in wailing and rending my garments anymore. Bottom line: cool weaponry, silly dialogue, too many fang  shots and ....wait for it.....Jackie Chan. JC was the kicker. An EMT w/a drunken bride woo! Plus a few  plot  twists I can't be sarcastic about.  But you really have to love a film where the ditzy girlfriend swears her  vampire is "gentle like a kitty." (Even if the rest of it was a little 'all over the place.')

Oh and skull pants in camouflage colors, those capped the night. *smoochies to the neighbor who dresses me  right*

Today's going to be a scavenger hunt day. Once the body armor is in place, safety line connected and   spider-repelling flamethrower equipped I'm off to the basement. If that doesn't eat the whole day I'm SOL  because I refuse to make other plans. Warm weather is coming which means road trips which means weekends to myself in which the house rattles w/music and things get accomplished. GLEE!


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