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7:31 AM


  • Mood: Confuzzled and choking on irony
  • Music: All the Time in the World -- Junkyard

Mmkay, AW Top 10 again...the sketch collage. Is the key that I must not like or care about said picture? Off the cuff? What am I missing here? Other than the novelty of it all?

Ok, so I found the crystal I've been stressing over since Sunday. The bad news is as soon as I take it out of the wrap Hawk looks like somebody's dropped the sun in his eye. That does not help me. Yet another thing in the list of Things I'm Stuck On. Right up there with Oh no, it's Thursday already and I don't know what to wear. Neither have I clipped through the list of things that HAD to be done by today. Dungeon Keeper. *sigh* I'm really beginning to hate my PC gaming binges.

Kids ARE set to arrive Sat. evening. Woot. It'll be fun to observe on Sunday. Gah! I gotta call Laura. Gotta call Bill too. Here it is the end of another week and the Bill has not been called. I am hopeless. (But the ferrets still love me.)

It's time to move the jewelry off of the table. Meh. I still haven't fixed the belt I broke early in the season. Time to do that too maybe.  It's supposed to be raining like right now. The longer it holds off the more problems are going to crop up this weekend. But I suppose it's better than last Saturday morning when I woke up to the sound of hail rattling off of everything and for the next two hours Metro Weather refused to acknowledge that it was STILL STORMING! I don't think they ever admitted that one.

Eh, anyway...at this point I still have almost three hours before my next target project can start. Maybe I should kill it on something productive?

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