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8:32 AM

Chocolate and sushi

  • Mood: I don't know
  • Music: Dead Flowers -- GnR (cover)

...if someone hands you both the proper response is not 'oh sure, why not?' I spent the bulk of yesterday feeling like the lost screenplay to one of the Alien movies. For once I got absolutely nothing done with good reason.

Have to fiddle with the website next. Did some sketching this weekend at the Soup Kitchen. One of said pictures will be emblazoned on the back of a chair in the near future. I am filled with squee. And on an unrelated note I just remembered what I wanted to ask the Agent about.

I am now the proud owner of a pink monkey bag. (This is not the Agent story.) Thanks Laura!  Sock monkey faces! Eee! (With bonus handy-dandy-nifty wrist brace.)  Still waiting on word if the kids're coming out THIS weekend for sure. Other than that I don't know nothin' (as Brenda would say.)

If tic-tacs came in flourescent pink what flavor would that be?

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