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9:12 AM

Alas, poor message board

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Mew, a new toy! Slightly makes up for the stress of snapping myspecs in half during an ill-fated art session last night. Now allthat's left is to clean out the message board and find something togripe about.

I'm in a bit of an art slump at the moment...an everything slump if youwant the truth but that's pretty much the way it goes around here. Toomany things in my head...it makes me tired. *L* I'm semi-officially theonly freak on the block that still smokes. I like my vices. Plus, I'd hate to think of what I'd snap in half if not for thenicotine. I mean come on...I'm totally off soda now. Chai consumptionis up but the point there is to defeat the headaches w/o pills.  Ithink it's the moving issue. I started the pre-packing packing a coupleof weeks ago, non-essentials and crap I'm sick of looking @. This isabout the 6th time this process has been initiated. There is stuffaround here I'm no longer aware I own. Rooting around for a specificbook or whatever is surreal.

It's been an extremely pro-feminine week. I dunno if it's just theprogramming schedules or some weird kick I'm on but everything I tuneinto visually is running on a theme. <i>Iron JawedAngels</i>, <i>Until the Violence Stops</i>...*shrugs*  Tonight I think I'm going to watch something w/VinDiesel in it, or better yet something vampire-y w/pointless fang-baringand lots of hissing. That ought to be good for a laugh. Ooo, or<i>Brotherhood of the Wolf</i> that's been sitting aroundhere for a year and it's still in the packaging. I've seen it...it mademe laugh a lot... well, it's something like that or drag out all myMarvel-based viewing material and plop a weekend down in the middle ofthe week. That's more tempting than anything but I actually just didthat last month.

Yeah, so...a whole lot of nothing going on here. I should remedy that.At the very least get a little further on the stuff I promised Fuzzy.Bwoo.
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