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7:35 AM

Same old...

  • Mood: Unmotivated
  • Music: Night Train -- Guns 'n' Roses

So yesterday (the 14th) Phaelee spent a little time in AW Top 10. Whee. 6 of 9 for Cartoon if I recall correctly. 100% unexpected especially considering the quality of the scan. Still waiting on the word for the latest sketch. It's nearing its expiration date. I don't have much by way of other news/rants. It's raining.

Sy and Demmy might come down next weekend. Gwee!

Elsewise my mind's in too much of a whirl to fixate on any one thing. That doesn't bode well for my to-do list but as usual I need to do something. I'll figure it out, I'm sure. I usually do...even if my course of action is just to remain stationary until something comes along. I suppose I could yoink everything out of the shelves and turn the main traffic area into a maze. That would irk the hell out of some people.

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