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6:34 AM

Another fun-filled Faire frolic

  • Mood: Sleepy
  • Music: One (acoustic) -- Creed
...despite getting stung by something Saturday evening and being pretty much worthless after that. Allergies...fun. So I missed stopping in where I was supposed to and wishing Gracie a fabulous happy birthday. Sunday the sun was thoroughly brutal but at least we managed to pick up some sunblock that wasn't expired.

I'm up way too early but maybe I'll manage to get the website updated again. Sarah and Lauren rode with us yesterday. We thought we'd get to bring them home too but that was a no. Found out Fafner broke himself chasing a thief. We need to give him a call. (7 a.m. is probably not a good time. At least it's not a good time for me.)

It's too early to order any other news coherently. I gave it a shot.
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