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8:03 AM

More before 9 A.M.

  • Mood: Squirrely
  • Music: Sweet Child O' Mine -- Guns 'n' Roses

...than I thought myself capable. I'd say I'm almost caught up but 1 list of 30 hardly counts. At any rate I managed to get the website updated yesterday, the second pair of boots festooned with bells and a sketch done. Today I need to hit the website again, take a few pictures in the studio to help fix the travesty of anatomy the latest sketch is and get the next one mentally planned out. I think I just might be able to do that.

Found out last night our yard bunny was not in fact eaten by the owl I saw in our neighborhood about a week and a half ago. The dogs were happy too.  We live in the city. I was thrilled to have seen my totem even if it meant a bunny ghost tooling about the yard in search of ethereal clover.

Anyhue, I finished Voleur yesterday (ick. I hate the background...cropped most of it off but there's still enough there to taunt me. BLARG!) Woot for guest art for me though!  I do love the artsies. I need to spend more time on my own. Feeling kind of inspired today but with my attention span the way it is I seriously doubt I'll get anywhere with it.

I really should check the weather report and figure out what parts of me are going to get crisped this weekend. Fun, fun.

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