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8:33 AM

One-legged man...

  • Mood: Optimistic
  • Music: Matty Groves -- Fiddler's Green
...ass-kicking contest. You know how that goes. Opening weekend of Faire was a blast. I managed to get myself uber-super-crispy-fried. Day one I wore my vest and a big ol' dragon necklace. Day 2 I had a big, white dragon hovering underneath my collarbones. It's gone now but it was fun (and funny) while it lasted.

Labor Day Mark, Laura and Bob joined us. That was fun...cept Mark was feeling uber-squirrely and I came quite close to ripping his head off. Still a little angry at him for past transgressions? Why yes, yes I am. It didn't help matters that over the course of the weekend I managed to bend three of my rings (two are fixed now) and break my chain belt (still mulling over how to approach repairs on that.) Took my newest choker for a walk. I have to take it apart and work on it some and I'm thinking about doing a little beading this week or next. (It's already Wednesday and I'm way behind in my new-priority to-do list.) Those of you that are waiting on me to email or read or draw, I love you! I'll get to it all, I promise. Voleur is in the final stages and Jacks and riona's info has been printed out. I need to hit the old website and put up a couple of things. (I'm hoping I have permission for the absolute latest piece of guest art but if I don't wait and permission isn't granted I can always take it back down.)

Stitch had me trapped in the bathtub Saturday morning. The little vampire is back on his rending-of-the-flesh kick. It's sad that something that weighs under a pound can have his bluff in on me so thoroughly. And for those that remember last year's end-of-Fest euphoria I was in, Michael and Uriel are coming home with me...maybe even Raphael. Me-ow! As for anything else, I'm not sure yet. Tartanic still puts on a good show even heat-exhausted. I haven't decided on the CD yet though. They have this absolutely fabulous sound that really can't be captured in a recording. Sadly they're only working Faire through the 26th so I'm on a decision-making time limit.

What else what else...rmmm...killing time until Sy and Demmy can come out and get the Faire experience with us. Oh...and sunblock...useless past the expiration date. I am now informed. And so are you. Can you hear my shoulders screaming from there?

Meh, if I had something else to report it's gone now. Maybe I'll have a new story or two by Monday.
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