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8:36 AM

I had no idea...

  • Mood: Tired already
  • Music: who has time to listen to music?

...one could get hurricanes so far inland.

Been up since 6:30 tanking up on caffeine, pulling the dogs off the ceiling, answering the phone and waiting for breaks in the weather for the purpose of pulling limbs out of the yard. I guess I'm glad now that (The Company Who Shall Not Be Named) had lawncare come out and butcher our beautiful, big, tree. There were three major storm waves before I went to bed. It's bad when you open the door on your covered porch and immediately get doused...especially considering the wind is blowing against the BACK of your house.

It's funny how the very second I feel like being productive on everything I've been putting off, something bigger and badder pops up that needs immediate attention.  I'd say I give up but that'll just tempt fate to force my attention.

Anyhue, break time over.

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