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8:43 AM

Storming like mad

  • Mood: Poised on the brink
  • Music: The One -- Foo Fighters

It is! It really, really is. =D It's like twilight out there, a very damp, very loud twilight but still.

Sy and Demmy came out to visit this weekend. Viewing material of choice was Fushigi Yugi. Much fun. In other news we got through the anniversary without mauling each other.  Neighbor's daughter came over Saturday and visited awhile. We ended up pilfering through the costume bin and taking some of my garb for a walk. Then Sunday Hawk and I dyed some things (including my foot...don't ask.) I'm kinda wondering about the ferrets, they didn't get up to play much this weekend.

I'm irked to no end that they cheated me out of the last 10 minutes of 6 Feet Under. I demand a recount. I'm also addicted to Celebrity Poker. Down to the wire now. I've 12 days to really get my act together about the costumes (mainly accessories) but I am getting faster with the moccassins. Sometime over the next few days I need to do jewelry inventory (and make some but I think that'll end up like last year--just not happening.)

Currently feeling the lack of completed art. It's making me twitchy.

Oh...and I'm officially completely and possibly terminally furious with Mark. Enough so that if it weren't for the fact that the house is so cool I'd be pushing to find a house anywhere else. (That's still not outside the sphere of possibility.)

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