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8:43 AM

May I shriek now?

  • Mood: Frenetic
  • Music: Step it Out Mary -- Irish Descendants
Jendax got lost in the floor for a little while yesterday. I'm stupefied it took the little monsters so long to figure out they could fit into that part of the floor. Needless to say I completely freaked out and was throwing boxes and furniture and whatnot out of the way. When the panic wore off I had a hell of a time trying to get it all moved back into place. I believe the refridgerator and truck stories now. Eh, I believed 'em to begin with I guess. Anyway, Jen was fine and he doesn't seem to be suffering any ill effects from being in there except he's still giving me the cold shoulder because he wasn't done. Meh.

It'll only get worse since the beasts are used to running around in the main part of the house for at least an hour a day now and it'll be awhile before (if I ever) that area gets a screen or some kinda block so we don't have a repeat.

Today promises to be a nightmare. I have to pull all my costumes down from upstairs (and probably try them on) and spend who knows how long pilfering through loose buttons at the fabric store to find (up to) 50 matching ones that I want for my coat. I may never want to take this thing off!
Anyway I think while I'm upstairs I might actually just bring down the folder I need to finish Voleur. (I'm starting to worry about ever getting that thing done. Too distracting.

Sy and Demmy are supposed to be coming to visit this weekend (and hopefully Laura and Mark--in that order) so there's that to look forward to. I'm beginning to realize I really should've started working on today's to-do sometime around last month.   Well, whatever. Now's good too...or in a few minutes or whatever. *L*

Oh yeah, I took commemorative pictures of the ferret fiasco but I haven't pulled them from the camera yet. Nothing is likely to come from that. I've too much else to do but one never knows (do one?) Time to bail for yoga goddessness.

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