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1:23 PM

Oh dear...

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Last entry I mentioned some things about LJ that I didn't like. And I've joined an even worse place?

Anybody have any idea what is wrong w/me?

Ok...first Gargoyles gallery reformatted.

Elves has a construction graphic. I totally wimped out. I tried to draw, I did. It did not happen in such a way that I could talk myself into posting. And after this gallery the rest are tiny--even before deletions--so it won't matter.

The about section got a little tweakage. Just a little.

Art? No. The same things are still pending in exactly the same state as last time.

Before I completely run out of steam I need to uhm...eat for one. But before that, futz with the camera and write an email.

Edit: And I've almost forgotten how to blog + can't to save my life get to my traffic report on the site. Durh.

Edit2: Perhaps it wasn't me. New links seem to be boogery.
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