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9:34 AM

You know you're up too early when...

  • Mood: Scholarly
  • Music: Tae the Beggin' is stuck in my head (JRogers)

...your first thought of the day (and I mean before the pit stop and definitely far-preceding the coffee) goes something like this:

What if what we call intuition is no more than a deep understanding of history's repetitions? "Seeing" the pattern made by action, choice and circumstance and understanding the outcome... What if in fact there are a finite number of patterns in the Universe and our understanding of the mathematics of it is tempered in human whimsy? Perhaps that thing we call science is of a closer relation to that other thing scientists won't speak of save in furtive whispers and childish giggles.

I think I'll save that little nugget to elaborate on some other time.There's more to it but you know what they say about buying the cow... Fun thoughts in those hours where I'm still too stupid to take a shower without doing myself bodily harm--usually in the form of shampoo-related eye injury.

Anyway...my handy-dandy, nifty-neato, 100% fabulous coat should be here within the next handful of days. Not that I trust the particular distributor I went through for expedient delivery of time-sensitive garments and doo-dads but a little hope never did anyone permanent injury (so long as it was tempered in logic and heavy on the common sense.)

My to-do list is definitely not finite. I'm preparing myself to scan one of the current projects I've been stuck on awhile. I think I'll put it up in a couple of places too if laziness doesn't take over. See...I'm at that crucial point where anything else I do to it is likely to piss me off so bad I'll hate this picture I've been so fond of for what feels like forever now. Woot.

Had roofers, sprayed for 'em...the problem seems to be taken care of. But I've been nursing pretty much the same headache for about a week now and though the noise is gone my brain doesn't seem to have caught up.

Sold 1 thing at the Con. (If I mentioned this last entry just nod and smile at me. I've been so neglectful of my daily thoughts that I can't keep them even as ordered as usual--and that ain't much, kids...it's no secret.)

Fest starts in T- 3 weeks, 5 days and counting. If I had any grasp of time I'd be panicking over everything that isn't ready by now. Like right this very second now! Ooh...*hand to heart* I think I just had a little panic hiccup. Maybe I'm not as far off schedule as I thought.  Ahwell...stuff to do. I'd best have at it. *lurve*

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