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11:18 AM


  • Mood: Hungry
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*pokes this thing* Doesn't seem to even tolerate Netscape anymore. How fun. It's always, always, always something. Prints doin' the print thing this weekend, big costume dinner for Faire kinda...man I hope we're not required to stay for all 7 courses. *Feels like exploding just thinking about it*

Art is elusive but I have a few things on the burners (none of it is actually the stuff I call priority...testament to my personality type.) Got one of them vaguely referred to as ... you know what, there's no word I can put in there that won't draw in traffic I don't want. Anyway, it was riotously funny...if you were there...and if you're me. And I was/am both of those so, yes...it was funny. It inspires a morbidly intense affection for the work in question.

Vague much? Yes, yes I do.

Of noteworthy news I have none. Just another tic-mark on the to-do list.
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