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11:39 AM


  • Mood: Bleh
  • Music: One Week -- Barenaked Ladies
Let's see if I can get this POS to work today. Yeah, so...print pieces are off. It's all over but the waiting and the eventual disappointment. The AW Photographer jerk has been laughed at. The demon has or is in the process of spawning officially. Huh-FREAKING-zah. Turns out the roof was not fixed. Isn't that nice?

*clicks heels together* I'm ready to move NOW! Nobody got hurt on the 4th...isn't that grand? Well, unless you count a minor barbecuing accident. There's some kind of "We're sorry the fireworks didn't go off" fireworks thing coming up...we might go to that. And then later on this month there's a Faire orientation dinner or something that I've been informed I'm going to. Gotta find a costume I won't bake in. Yeay...   Everything is going to happen in approx. one stretch of time.

I think I'll barricade myself into the studio w/old paperbacks and play Gargoyles and Street Fighter until my fingers bleed and/or fall off.
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