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10:55 AM

Yet Another Day

  • Mood: Grimly Determined
  • Music: I'm the Only One -- Melissa Ethridge
So I stayed up too late reading Wolves of the Calla.  Almost done. The between-requests personal project is almost ready to scan provided I don't get mad crazy with the details when I pick it up next.

Here in a few I'm going to get a little more of the summer overhaul done, I'm almost down to deletions and new graphics and my mind's wandering in and out of a complete redesign but I'm not sure what I could do to make it even more simple. When I changed things the last time it was all well and good but now it just seems really cluttered to me.  I still have 3 galleries to update (IE: draw for.)

The ferrets are holding the rest of the house hostage. The rest of the house which is getting emptier every day. I'd found more boxes and now I'm almost out again. So what happens next is I start making piles. You know...neat ones. (Provided I actually know how to do that.) Last couple of days I've been trying to avoid running into certain people and lo and behold...I've felt better. Funny how that works.

Back on this personal project...if you can believe it I originally started it with the intention to paint it. I don't think all those details will transfer but I figure I'll color it in Photoshop and make my "tones map" like I've done before and then see how I feel about it. I used to do whole series' of things like this. 1 pencil, 1 mixed media, 1 computer...and it was always really fun to see the differences and similarities. (Not to mention the nice sense of accomplishment.) I need to do something w/all the paint I've accumulated rather than just glare at it. And when I'm of a better mindset I just might have a look at Cafepress again.  I've got to do something.  Waiting till I get better is not an option.

There just aren't enough hours in the day, dammit. (Actually I bet there are...I just use too many of them to slack off.)

(EDIT: Huh...Guess I won't work on the overhaul today. Login page has gone Poof. So much for my momentum. )
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