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10:16 AM

Honey...I know why we don't have a phone!

  • Mood: Scowly
  • Music: Laid -- James
[Storm damage photo removed.]

Ahh Wednesdays. Had no idea this happened till after we got back from flood patrol. *L* Woot. Cable's back up obviously but the phone's still MIA. Our poor tree. I've lost count of how many sub-trees it's dropped on us over the years. Squee.

In the downtime I packed 6 1/2 rather large boxes worth of stuff, not all of it junk.   I also finished The Taking, Blood Canticle, and at least 1/3 of Wolves of Calla. I was going to save Wolves for until the last book is out but I had to read something that I knew would wash the bad taste of Canticle right out of my brain. It's doing nicely, just for the record.  I also managed to mildly twist my ankle though it seems all but all better as of this morning. Put Fell, a 50lb box of media and a ferret toy together and  you've got a recipe for disaster. (I know, I know, I don't really need the extra stuff but gimme a break...I'm on a mild rant here.)  The storm also brought to my attention that there's a waterfall in the old office. Can I get a cheer for crappy roofs? My poor painting of Storm that I never finished.   (But how's that for irony, kids?) If I didn't hate the face so much on that painting I'd see what can be done with it just out of spite.  I still have too much on my plate anyway. Box #7 was supposed to be topped off by my old games systems until such time as they can be taken apart and fixed...turns out they're not broken. So there's another distraction added to the list.  I whomped the tar outta Street Fighter last night. (Well, in the wee small hours of the morning really. I'm still working on where I left off with Legend of Zelda.)

I also got some bad news...but that was Tuesday...the storm wasn't even in the weather warnings yet.  My buddy Duke is falling apart. (Duke is a dog. Scoff if you like but there's a light in this dog that's truly dazzling.) I already missed him tons from when they moved but now I'm just waiting for the call.   With no distractions (other than a to-do list a couple miles long) I was able to break down nicely over it...but that was only a diversion from how rotten things are in the neighborhood right now.  Apathy. Idiocy. Tragedy. I'm trying my best to maintain a civil air w/o further compromising my...beliefs I guess. Beliefs is a weighty word but it'll do for now.  Best I can do is not be purposefully hateful and yet, illustrate rather clearly that I am not ing around with these people or my reactions to the situation.

Now, I know images are being impressed upon me...95% of the time I can't be motivated to care. It's just really shitty when you know someone's asking you things that they've blown off before they've heard the answers, or for some perverse malicious amusement.  Honestly in the pit of my spirit I hope these people end up happy in the choices they've made...but I don't see it happening.  If they don't know this outright, they sense it on some level...you can tell. And still (still!) they seem to think they can break me in to the whole idea and it will all be just fine.It will not.


I'm all but done. I knew things would change dramatically when we moved and for awhile I was dreading it a little. Now I'm ready to dump everything in a box and transport it IMMEDIATELY. I want distance, I want solace. I want sanctuary.  (I also want a little troll that updates my website for me while I sleep...but the likelihood? )

I think that's enough for now. If you've gotten this far you're up to speed and your ears are smoking a little.
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