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10:07 AM


  • Mood: Skull-crushing
  • Music: Don't Fall Away -- Fuel
I haven't even been awake for an hour yet and I'm already LIVID!

First off, Rain does this fun thing sometimes where she gets bored and she'll just bark constantly. In monotone. Pitch is constant, level--the same and these barks have approximately 1/2 second between them. She did it for at least a good half hour before I turned into a raving lunatic. I haven't been able to test her limits but I assume she could do this until the end of time if allowed.

Ok, so I'm up...I'm surly but hey! I've got photos and progress scans and an overhaul to do before the end of the month with the site...but there's another surprise in store for me today. Discourtesy has come knocking and my site's been disabled for the day. Joy. (See, this is what happens when people decide they need to look at everything at once. I hate cable and DSL for precisely this reason. To reorder a quote: People become so preoccupied with the fact that they can they don't stop to think if they should.) So, my feature link doesn't get featured, progress scan links don't get mailed out, photos don't go up and my overhaul is going to have to wait a week at least though the site should be back in 24 hours. Meanwhile, what new traffic I might get will get turned away at the door and probably not return. Joy.   Furthermore I'm locked out of my links that I need for information unless I want to pile through the code I've got backed up.  I'd write a disclaimer about this for the site but A. I believe I have and B. nobody'd read it anyway...obviously.

Forget the other plans, they'll have to wait. And I'm floating in the aether until I can re-order my momentum into something else. Essentially, I'm stuck. When I get derailed cleanup is a messy process at best. I've half a mind to see exactly how many boxes I can get packed today. (But I'm pretty sure that won't happen either.)

Whatever. In other news I finished The Face and got halfway through The Taking yesterday (both by Koontz--it's sad really, I'm using him as an excuse to put off finishing a Rice book.)  I'm still toying with the idea of giving up on Mr. Koontz entirely but Face wasn't too blarky at the end and Taking is like a train wreck so far.

I had something else to go on about--and I'm pretty sure it was something fun--but it got smashed to splinters between the barking and the bad manners.
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