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12:04 PM


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Rooting around in the site 'cause it's long overdue. I've had broken links, undeleted things, and unlinked things for-evarh.

Which is about how long this is all going to take me. Nevermind the fact that I still want to set the whole place up somehow differently.

But for the moment I've verified all the files for the fell, gaia and asd galleries so the links that are up do in fact work and the stuff that's not going to be linked is now gone. Gaia html still needs an update...from MARCH! (Though technically only finished xmas eve.) My time is fairly well booked up through Wednesday insofar as I know but I got started dammit. I might be able to manage by hitting this 4-5 minutes at a time. Maybe.

Better this I think than trying to force out a new theme -- yet another thing that desperately needs do-ings.

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