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10:59 AM

Eh, I dunno

  • Mood: Stretchy
  • Music: Hollywood Tease -- L.A. Guns
I'm up, I'm ahead of schedule. Nevermind that I have no concrete news. Watched most of Dracula II: Ascension and part of Eve's Bayou last night. For as much attention as I paid to the former (being the second time through) I probably just should've finished out the latter. 

Addie goes home today. *dance* Once again we're both ready for it though to her credit she behaved better this time save for being bitchier than ever. But once she goes home the house is in good enough shape to let the ferrets go free-range again for awhile. Poor Stitch, got his toes pinched in the cage door last night. I felt so bad. 

I need to get up to the studio and find a folder then I may be ready to start something new. I should've done it yesterday but it was kindof crazy around here. And of course now that I have a million "today" things to do I'm all about the "yesterday" things.

Anywhoo, I'm off lest I fall behind(er).
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