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9:43 PM

And six months later...

  • Mood: super-stressed
We get a completely phoned-in 3yrs site theme picture thinger. I was in a crunch. I'm still in a crunch. So crunchy I'm not even gonna link it like usual.

I'll get to the rest of the update when I can. O.o

Here's the rundown...my husband broke. A ladder zigged, he zagged and now he's broke. He has another surgery on the 22nd. They're gonna bolt his bones together. OoooOOOooo... I'd enjoy that a lot more if I wasn't so squeamish. I mean how cool is that (given the circumstances? You know, the ones that SUCK!) We're getting by. He's doing a lot better than I am. He has drugs. V_v

In August I got a laptop. About 3 days after my husband broke it broke. (Well it's not broken per se but it needs a lot of work before I can trust it to do anything. That's my lifeline, folks. *twitch*) The day after I got the laptop my camera broke. Kablooey. No more pictures for me. SUCK! (Not as much suck as the broken husband but still, a great deal of suck.

There's been dog drama and cat drama and me drama and drama drama. It's all different colors of stupid around here lately.  I feel fortunate to have been able to not only draw, but "finish" something at all.
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